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"On the Future of his People"
Saturday Evening Post, 20 January 1900, p. 646
Book review of Booker T. WAshington's The Future of the American Negro, Boston: Small, Maynard.

"A Plea for the American Negro"
Critic, XXXVI (February, 1900),160-63.
Book review of Washington's The Future of the American Negro.

"A Defamer of His Race"
Critic, 38.4 (April, 1901), 350-51. Book review of William Hannibal Thomas, The American Negro (New York: Macmillan, 1901).

"Charles W. Chesnutt's Own View of His Story The Marrow of Tradition"
Cleveland World (Oct 20, 1901). Magazine Section, p. 5.

"Pussy Meow: The Autobiography of a Cat, S. L. Patteson"
Modern Culture, XIV (November, 1901), 261.