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The Wife of His Youth, and Other Stories.

By CHARLES W. CHESNUTT, author of "The Conjure Woman." With Illustrations. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 1 vol., crown 8 vo. $1.10. By mail, $1.23.

"The Conjure Woman" has produced so strong an impression of Mr. Chesnutt’s powers and literary skill as a story writer that a new volume of stories from him will be welcomed. Especially will it appeal to all who read the title-story when it appeared in "The Atlantic Monthly" and was generally recognized as one of the most effective and convincing stories of the year. The other tales in this volume cover a wide field of subjects, but all possess a kind of interest which is rarely excited by a book of short stories. Illustrations add to the attractiveness of Mr. Chesnutt’s book.


Rev. of The Wife of His Youth in "Fiction," The Literary Era [Philadelphia] 7 (Jan 1900): 16.